Have You Heard?

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Have you heard of reusable sandwich bags?  Did you know that the average person uses 700 plastic sandwich bags per year.  That’s 2800 bags for a family of 4.  First think of the cost of all those bags….now think about the landfills.  Wow! 

Country Loving Market offers reusable sandwich bags that are food fun, cost saving and easy to clean.  Previous customers report they are still using the same bag three years after purchasing.  Check it out at Country Loving Market Etsy or Ebay Country Loving Market store.

Why Does the Chicken Cross the Road?



Why does the chicken cross the road?  Is it really to get to the other side?  Are they curious? Bored?  Searching for greener pastures?  I'm not sure but these girls were on a mission to get across the road and visit the cattle. 

After a brief chase we managed to convince them the grass was just as green at home.  The poor cattle look a bit confused don’t you think?