What is Thankful?

What does thankful mean? As we walk thru our life journey it’s impossible to take in every moment and understand how a brief interaction with one person can guide our path. We take on bad moods, frustration and stress. And then in the middle of our bad day someone says or does something that seems to make our bad day worse. Or….we aren’t our best and pass on our mood and frustration. And so the snowball goes down the hill.

This Thanksgiving let’s focus on the meaning of THANKFUL. Let’s be thankful for every person we meet, no matter their mood, or if even they aren’t kind to us. Let’s be thankful and and our part to make their encounter with us a positive one. Maybe we can offer a type of pay it forward for a Thankful attitude. Say thank you and smile today. We’ve got this!

Life’s Lessons

Fighting a little asthma flare the last couple of days. I love fall, all of it’s colors and activities but…..there is that change of season that can cause allergies and asthma flares. I’ve been blessed, my asthma condition is controlled pretty easily overall. This little snare has made me stop and think of those that suffer daily and struggle for control. Learning companion for others thru our own trials and struggles. There is a lesson for us to learn every day.

Thanksgiving Thankful

Each year on Thanksgiving my family take turns naming something they are thankful for this year.  Most of the time the answers are pretty generic.  My spouse, my kids, or my health.  Those are all great things to be thankful for but this year I’m digging deeper.  I’ve been determined to find unique things I’m thankful for each day.

So, every day while drinking my morning cup of tea I take a look at the day before and try to find something new to be thankful for.  This could be someone new that I’ve met, an owl I heard hooting the night before or just an old song I heard on the radio.  Whatever it is I was there, living in the now and noticing everything around me in a new and almost childlike way.  Wow!

So, what am I thankful for this year.  I’m thankful that I’ve learned to live in the now and, no matter how much I am in a rush, I notice the small things.  The things that make me smile, give me that warm fuzzy feeling, or…..help me to notice that someone around me needs a quick hand.  A hot cup of coffee or simply picking up something they have dropped.  And, in return I’ve received help several times when I’ve dropped something or just needed a hug and magically a friend or relative suddenly appears.  I’m thankful for daily blessings. How about you?

Me Time


Do you every feel the need to just escape from your everyday routine? Just go someplace by yourself and wander around with no agenda? I’ve found these “escape” times to be really beneficial to not only my mood but my outlook on life. If all I can manage is an hour it’s ok. Afterwards I am relaxed and focused on tackling all those dreaded tasks without the frustration.

Take a trip to the zoo, go to the park and hike a trail, go for a bike ride or…..just go somewhere without hustling people trying to stay on schedule. You may be amazed at the difference it makes in your everyday life. After all….you are worth it!


As we approach Thanksgiving let’s take time to reflect on the things for which we are thankful.    Personally I’m thankful for my friends, my customers and the many great people I’ve had the opportunity to meet this year. 

Food, ahh yes food.  It brings us together on this and many other holidays.  Try out some great new recipes this year but don’t forget to include your favorites too.   Remember, your table is the place to interact with family, friends and even get acquainted with new friends.   Many blessings from me to you on this Thanksgiving holiday.

Look for exciting recipes posted daily starting this weekend.  Yum!