Prayers for Jasper

Today I am asking for prayers for my niece’s cat Jasper.  He is only two years old and has become very ill, right now he is in need of a blood transfusion.  I’m asking you to please pray for Jasper the grey tabby kitty and for my niece.  Thank you!


As we approach Thanksgiving let’s take time to reflect on the things for which we are thankful.    Personally I’m thankful for my friends, my customers and the many great people I’ve had the opportunity to meet this year. 

Food, ahh yes food.  It brings us together on this and many other holidays.  Try out some great new recipes this year but don’t forget to include your favorites too.   Remember, your table is the place to interact with family, friends and even get acquainted with new friends.   Many blessings from me to you on this Thanksgiving holiday.

Look for exciting recipes posted daily starting this weekend.  Yum!