I don’t know anyone that doesn’t just love fall. The apples, crisp air and all the vibrant colors and festivals. I am a fan of all the seasons but I just love designing fall and Christmas wreaths. Here are a couple new ones. These are available at Country Loving Market Etsy and Ebay.



Why Buy Handmade?


Buying handmade items not only supports your local economy it supports tradition.   Crafting has been around since the beginning of time when local folks were blacksmiths, carpenters and dressmakers.  And don’t forget the farmers, they are also artisans.  Crafting each crop by planting, waiting patiently and harvesting at just the right time.

However we now have large machines and big box stores that make everything we could ever want or need.  So why buy handmade?  Well, handmade items are unique.  Each one is crafted buy an artisan and, each one is different.  Every time you buy something handmade you buy a small piece of the love that the artist puts in to producing that item.  You also buy durability and a one of a kind item that will last a long time. Most of the time the pricing is very comparable to the big box pricing and sometimes even a bit lower. Who doesn’t love getting a unique quality handmade gift for Christmas or any special occasion?

Check out your independent local shop and the online shops too.  It is amazing what you can find.

Fall Is Coming…Are You Ready

Once again this year Country Loving Market has a monthly drawing.  This month, because it’s September, or just because we are giving away a $25.00 gift certificate to be used on ANYTHING you wish in the shop.  Just hop over to and send us a note thru the contact us navbar on the left side of your screen.  

No purchase is necessary just answer one question….What is Your Favorite Fall Activity? Make sure you let us know how to contact you if you are a winner.  You will not receive any emails and we do not sell your name to anyone for any amount of money.  

Why Does the Chicken Cross the Road?



Why does the chicken cross the road?  Is it really to get to the other side?  Are they curious? Bored?  Searching for greener pastures?  I'm not sure but these girls were on a mission to get across the road and visit the cattle. 

After a brief chase we managed to convince them the grass was just as green at home.  The poor cattle look a bit confused don’t you think?