Freezing Carrots

Another post on putting food away for the winter. Why? It’s healthier…when you freeze your own food you decide what is quality and you know how it’s actually been handled.

Today I’m freezing carrots, organic carrots to be exact. These are the regular full size garden carrots not the baby ones. Here is what I have found to be the best method.

Peel the carrots and wash them. Slice the carrots and blanch them in boiling water for two to three minutes. Next, scoop them out and place them in ice water for about five minutes. After that place them in a strainer for a few minutes to drain off as much water as possible. Place them in freezer bags and put in the freezer. They keep pretty well for up to a year.

It’s Corn Time

It’s corn time and the crop this year is really nice. I went to the farm yesterday and, after staring at what seemed at endless fields of corn, I purchased a couple of bushels. Then…..I blanched and processed corn the rest of the day. I gotta say I just love this time of year. Store bought corn just doesn’t compare to the taste of fresh corn that has been frozen at just the perfect ripeness. I thought I’d share my processing method with you for your corn harvest this year.

First I put a big ole pot of water on the stove to boil. And, since watched pots never boil, I got busy shucking the corn while I’m waiting. Try to remove all those silky threads. When the water boils just put several ears of corn in the pot. I boil the ears for three to five minutes and then place them in another pot, take the pot to the sink and fill it with cold water. Let the corn sit in the cold water about ten minutes or until it cools. Remove the corn and place on a towel to dry for a bit. After that it’s up to you. You can cut the corn from the ear (watch yer fingers) and place in bags or just place the whole ears in bags.

When you are ready to eat the corn just plop the cut corn in a pan with a little water, buddda and salt or whatever yer taste buds are tellin’ you to do. If you are cooking the whole corn on the cob get some water boiling, add a teaspoon of sugar and boil until tender. It only takes a few minutes. Yum!